Fortune was established in 1996, it was re-incorporated as Fortune in the year 2000. Fortune deal in used Second Hand Clothing, used Shoes,used Books, CDs &,DVDs

Fortune Eximports Ltd obtain a substantial quantity of their collections by working very closely with several Britain's Charities, Hospices, Schools, local authorities, waste reclamation companies.

They cater to a diverse clientele spread throughout the globe.

In total they handle around 200,000 kilos of used clothing and shoes every week. In designing and developing their project, major consideration has been given to reduce the carbon foot print, to reduce load on environment and to reduce land fill.

Fortune Eximports Ltd are members of the Textile Recycling Association (TRA) and RECYCLATEX. They wholeheartedly subscribe to the TRA's Code of Practice.

Jetendra Deshpande, General Manager writes

We are working with Salvation Army for more than 20 years. The audit process was extensive and got lot of support and help from Jill. I am delighted at the outcome of the process and look forward for lasting partnership for years to come.