LW Sait & Sons is a family run company which specialises in the re-use and recycling of textiles.

The business first started in the 1930s with our Great-Grandfather, Bert Sait, a Rag ‘n’ Bone man, opening his first shop.

Things have changed quite dramatically over the last 80 years.

L W Sait & Sons LLP are a reputed textile recycling company, working with many charities, councils, schools and clubs across the South East.

They currently collect textile waste, books, electrical items (and bric-a-brac if you require us to). They are a responsible business and all electrical items are pat –tested (portable appliance testing) by a qualified electrician and all those in good working order are sold on.

Those items that are not fit for reuse are taken to a local WEEE processing facility where the components are shredded in accordance with the requirements of the Environment Agency.

Books are sold for re-use in the UK (and bric-a-brac sorted for re-use and exported to developing countries).

L W Sait LLP are able to provide textile banks free of charge to charities. All banks are brand new, safe, secure and are provided, serviced, emptied and maintained free of charge. All textiles collected are paid for by the kilogram.

They have recently equipped our entire fleet of trucks with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), an advanced pollution control technology installed in the exhaust system which uses AdBlue to destroy harmful pollutants in the exhaust gases.

They try to make a positive difference to our environment in other ways too. The bags that we can provide your shops with are also recyclable, so you can be confident that they will not have a lasting impact on the environment.

They also ensure that all collections in a particular area are, where possible, made in a round, in order to minimise the carbon impact of each collection.