The Salvation Army is a worldwide church and registered charity in 127 countries offering unconditional friendship, and practical help to people of all ages, backgrounds and needs.  Extending a helping hand to those who are homeless, friendless and in need, The Salvation Army passionately believes that no one is beyond hope, however great their problems.

  • The Salvation Army has served for over 150 years and is still at the heart of every community today
  • The Salvation Army provides around 3 million nourishing meals throughout the year at community, drop-in and residential centres to older people, young families and people experiencing homelessness
  • The Salvation Army's Emergency Response Unit attends emergencies across the country, offering expertise to the emergency services and support to victims of disasters
  • Operating over 80 lifehouses in the UK, The Salvation Army provides 3,200 beds a night for vulnerable people
  • On average, The Salvation Army organises 414 parent and toddler clubs each week to enable children to play in safe environments and where parents and carers can access support
  • The Salvation Army reunites hundreds of families a year with its Family Tracing Service
  • Through its specialist programme, The Salvation Army provides protection and care for victims of human trafficking to rebuild their lives
  • Operating from more than 1,000 locations, The Salvation Army offers tailored support for people who find themselves unemployed to help them become job-ready, to get a job, and to stay in work

Registered Charity Nos. 214779, 215174 and in Scotland SC009359, SC037691.