Textrade KFT

Textrade KFT company was founded in 1990. More than 350 employee work in their factory, which is located in Székesfehérvár. They manufacture approximately 40 thousand tons used clothes per year. They are market leaders in Hungary.
Their main purchasing sources are Great Britain and Switzerland, but they also import goods from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, the USA and Australia.

The clothes and shoes are processed in their factory, sorted out, graded and finally put into pressed bales.

The products are selected by season and type meet all requirements ranging from low grade to top quality. They put special focus on item selection in order to reach proper quality in all categories. The sortiment is continuously refreshed. Retailers and wholesalers are welcome. Besides used clothes they also sell wiping rags sorted as cut (without zips and buttons) and uncut. They sell their products in 35 countries of 6 continents packed in pressed bales from 5 kilos to 500 kilos

Environmental protection

The company puts special emphasis on environmental protection. 55-60 % of our production is reused, the remaining 40-45 % is recycled as wiping rags or industrial raw materials. The actual amount of waste is only 1 %, which is an outstanding result compare to Western European figures.

Used clothes Collection

In Hungary Textrade ltd collects 5000 tonnes of used clothes by displaying special containers in public and private places. In the past years the collections were arranged with different charity organisations, but nowadays there has been a growing interest in used clothes collection on behalf of private and public companies.Our purpose is to achieve the Western European standard level of 3-4 kg / person / year.