Our priority is to satisfy the needs of The Salvation Army and the vulnerable people they help. Your donations will raise much-needed money for the charity's work in communities across the UK. We also help in emergency situations, such as floods or if a shelter needs clothing for people experiencing homelessness - donations will be sent to the people who need them, whenever they need them.

All of the good quality products that are donated to our charity shops will be offered for sale in store. The staff and volunteers take time to sort donations, and saleable items will be cleaned (all clothing and home linens are steamed) and displayed on the shop floor.

Donations we receive via our clothing banks and door-to-door collections may also journey to the shelves of our charity shops. Items sold here in the UK make the best profit for the charity, which is the primary objective.

Any items that we are not able to sell in our shops are sold for reuse overseas. This means we are acting responsibly with all donations to raise essential funds for The Salvation Army and to avoid unnecessary waste going to landfill by encouraging reuse and recycling. The need for pre-owned clothing in less affluent countries than the UK is significant. There are many people who can’t afford new clothes, which makes second-hand Western fashions popular. It also gives charities a route to provide affordable clothing to those that need it, as well as raise funds for good causes.