“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew

Once again, over 3,600 wonderful volunteers have dedicated their time in the service of others, helping and showing compassion every single day, working in Salvation Army Trading Company (SATCoL) shops, superstores and donation centre across the UK.

This month, to celebrate our volunteers, we are extending Volunteer Week from the 1st to the 14th of June, a two week period during which we want to say thank you. For your time, for your heart and for becoming part of The Salvation Army family.

It is a well-known tradition in our shops already and our shop managers cannot wait to share the joy of the Volunteer Tea Parties, which are being planned. This is a time where all the shop team comes together to celebrate another year of being grateful for all our wonderful volunteers donating their time. Cakes, tea, snacks and many sweets await for you that day. Each shop will organise a specific date and display a poster to announce when the tea party will be held, so make sure you have a look next time you pop in.

The theme for SATCoL’s Volunteer Week this year is: ‘An hour of your time can make all the difference’. These words are the slogan for posters, which will be displayed in the shop windows with the hope to both celebrate our current volunteers and attract new members to join our shops. The shop posters will be accompanied by a social media campaign, which will last for the duration of the Volunteer Week.

If you are reading this blog and want to celebrate our volunteers, why not pop into your local Salvation Army shop and say thank you? It will surely bring a huge smile to the team!

To join the Volunteer Week celebrations, follow our Facebook page @salvationarmycharityshops