You might remember in May we began a project with the famous arts college, Central Saint Martins. Second year students from the BA Fashion Communication & Promotion and BA Fashion Knitwear courses were tasked with creating a collection of fashion concepts using textiles selected from half a tonne of donated fabrics.

The idea behind this project was to challenge the next generation of fashion designers and communicators. We wanted to highlight that just because a garment is discarded it doesn’t become rubbish – there is still life in seemingly end-of-life textiles. All they need is a bit of respect and creativity, and the students showed us exactly that!

In only four weeks, taking designer Peter Jensen’s theme of ‘yellow’, each of the ten groups of students (comprising two Fashion Knitwear students who took charge of the design and two Fashion Communication & Promotion students who handled the presentation) selected a space in and around their King’s Cross campus and presented their stunningly imaginative collections.

Below you can see some of the results… needless to say, we were blown away. If these are the fashion creators of the future, prepare to be excited!