Fashion certainly changes over time (and sometimes we should be grateful for that!) But sometimes it’s fun to look back over the years to see how styles change and trends come and go. A lot of modern fashion is based on previous eras so knowing how to nail the looks of days gone by can give you clues on today’s trends. We’ve put together a guide to the decades, from 1920s to 1990s, using clothing found in our very own stores to demonstrate some of the highlights of the past.

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Think silent movies and Charleston dancing – the 20s is all about the flapper girl.

The flapper dress is a statement outfit. The straight shape of the bodice and the drop waist were influenced by the women’s rights movement of the time, designed to create the look of a more ‘boyish’ figure rather than accentuating curves. The 20s was also a time of great sustained economic prosperity, so ladies’ dresses had to be suitable for a good party! Heavy beading and fringing on dresses was one way to be dance-floor-ready.

Take a look at this dress we found – we think it screams 20s! Pair with a headband (with optional feather addition), beads and a pair of t-bar strap heels and you’ll be ready to dance your way to the days of Charlie Chaplin.