The Midland Wiper Manufacturing Company Ltd was established in 1900 and acquired by the Smith family in 1923.  The business continues to be family run.  The Company is an industrial cleaning supplier manufacturing a range of cleaning wipes from recycled materials. The range offered includes cleaning rags, lint free rags, food service wipes, general purpose industrial cleaning linen and non-woven wipes.  The business employees 20 people on one site, which includes a warehouse, manufacturing facilities, office and kitchen.

They are proud of being a recycling Company and turning a used product into a viable product.  This will continue to be their main focus of their strategy and purpose as the business grows.  In the next five years, they intend to invest in new machinery and update or replace old machinery to increase productivity whilst maintaining quality and reliability.  They aim to improve their services and turnaround time and need to both increase sales and suppliers of raw material.

The Midland Wiper Manufacturing Company Ltd goal is to develop the company whilst maintaining the family values of the business.